Sigma Tau Gamma Principles

The Principle of Value
In accepting a man for membership in Sigma Tau Gamma, his brothers recognize that they have embraced an individual with unique talents who will make unique contributions. Brotherhood is built on friendships — on true friendships. It recognizes that no man is perfect, yet each man has value. The true Sig Tau knows his Brother's attributes and limitations, and accepts his friendship without reservation. He takes pride in his Brother's accomplishments. He provides consultation and support in defeat. He treats each brother with respect. As a member of a national Fraternity, each Sig Tau accords to his Brothers from other chapters the same level of respect and acceptance as he does to members of his own chapter. Through this acceptance, a bond is created akin to family. When he graduates from college, the Sig Tau remains grateful for the bonds of Fraternity and extends the strength and support of his Brotherhood to new generations of Sig Taus.

The Principle of Learning
Men come to membership in Sigma Tau Gamma through their college or university. Some people, they know, are at college to get a degree. They are there for that, too, but not only that. They are there to learn. In the Sigma Tau Gamma chapter, learning is more than a classroom process. It is a process of discovery, a process of fulfillment, a process of life. In each Sigma Tau Gamma chapter the pursuit of knowledge is valued, and each Brother who values learning is honored. As men, Sig Taus know that man is divided from God's other creatures by his capacity to learn and to translate that knowledge into efforts for the common good. Sig Taus know that learning enhances life for others and for oneself. For a Sig Tau, learnin g is not confined to scientific or technical knowledge. It embraces literature and philosophy and song. A Sig Taus endeavors to earn a living, but to earn it in a cultured life.

The Principle of Leadership
Sigma Tau Gamma is a laboratory of leadership. It is so because it offers its Brothers the opportunity to hold elective office, to manage chapter and household finances and to represent the chapter at the university and national Fraternity level. Yet, this is but a corner of the laboratory. In Sigma Tau Gamma, Brothers learn they are part of a team. They learn that in a team each person has the responsibility of leadership. Leadership is through effort. Leadership is through example. Leadership is through commitment. Leadership is the process through which a Sig Tau shares his Brotherhood with other men. No man is a leader who cannot call other men to his cause. Sigma Tau Gamma gives each Brother the opportunity to recruit and to educate new members. What Sigma Tau Gamma offers to each new Brother is intangible and abstract. To learn to share such mysteries with another and to gain their belief and commitment is the essence of leadership.

The Principle of Excellence
Sig Taus compete. They compete in athletics. They compete in academics. They compete in spirit. To each Sig Tau, the essence of competition is the pursuit of excellence. The Sig Taus learns that excellence is achieved through teamwork and practice. And, while Sig Taus practice and compete as a team, each Sig Tau knows that for each of his Brothers, the measure of success — the measure of excellence is in doing one's best. A Sig Tau isn't measured by others. He measures himself.

The Principle of Benefit
In Sigma Tau Gamma we build a family. And, because we build a family, we understand the value of community. Sig Taus care for one another. Through this caring we learn to care for others. Sig Taus conduct public service projects and charitable campai gns. Sig Taus do this because it helps others. Sig Taus learn that in building community they build themselves. It is incongruent to be a Brother and to be selfish. Sig Taus carry their concern for others beyond the chapter and beyond the university. Their lives become a life of benefit because it is in benefit they have learned to value their Brothers and themselves.

The Principle of Integrity
A Sig Tau is honest and trustworthy and true. His honesty is not a false honesty. It is not an honesty unvarnished or an honesty designed to hurt. It is an honesty forged in the Principle of Value. It is a trustworthiness forged in brotherhood. It is an integrity of commitment. Each Brother, indeed any person, may depend on his word. As well, they may depend on his conscience. For the Sig Tau, integrity is deeper than that which may be found in the reliance of others. A Sig Tau is true to himself.