Risk Management Policy

Alcohol and Drugs:

1. The possession, use and/or consumption of ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES, while on chapter premises, during an official Fraternity event, or in any situation sponsored or endorsed by Sigma Tau Gamma Fraternity, must be in compliance with any and all applicable laws of the state, county, city and university. This includes the laws regarding the serving of alcoholic beverages to minors.

2. SALE OF ALCOHOL, by any chapter of Sigma Tau Gamma is strictly forbidden. This is to include any action that can be remotely construed as alcohol sale such as: charging admission to parties, passing the hat, selling empty cups and selling drink tickets.

3. The possession, sale and/or use of any ILLEGAL DRUGS OR CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES at any Sigma Tau Gamma house or sponsored event or at any event that would allow a normal observer to view one as associated with the Fraternity is strictly prohibited and will be grounds for the immediate expulsion of those involved.

4. Each member and associate will be INSTRUCTED on the drinking age laws, regulation of sale laws, open container laws and other laws pertinent to the chapter's jurisdiction, specifically dramshop liability, implied consent, and host liquor liability. Instruction shall also be provided with the goal of engendering in each member a sense of responsibility toward the welfare of those who consume alcohol, the encouragement of intervention to prevent any person from drinking to excess, or from engaging in many potentially dangerous activity, including driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. Instruction must also be provided on emergency procedures to be employed as a result of alcohol abuse.

5. No "GRAIN ALCOHOL," and any such distilled liquor that exceeds 100 proof, or above 50 percent pure grade alcohol per volume, is to be served in any form or mixture during a Fraternity sponsored event, due to the destructive and immediate effects that such high alcohol concentration can cause. Furthermore, any legal use of alcohol will not involve providing unlimited quantities, no activity shall encourage rapid consumption of alcohol, and no person shall be forced for any reason to consume alcohol.

6. ALL rush ACTIVITIES associated with any chapter of Sigma Tau Gamma will be DRY, that is without the use of alcoholic beverages. The ideals and concepts on which the Fraternity stands are not dependent on alcohol.

7. OPEN PARTIES, meaning those with unrestricted access, and without specific invitation, shall be prohibited.

8. NO PURCHASE OF ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES WITH CHAPTER FUNDS. This includes the purchase of kegs of beer or any common source container of alcohol. All alcoholic beverages consumed at Sigma Tau Gamma chapter functions must be brought by the individual brothers attending the function or through a cash bar operated by the establishment where the function is held.


The Fraternity will not tolerate nor condone any form of hazing. Hazing is to be defined as: Paddling in any form; physical exercises resulting in excessive fatigue or exhaustion; deprivation of normal sleep and rest; any form of corporal or mental punishment; the placing of anyone in actual or simulated peril or jeopardy of health; undignified methods and stunts; either public or private quests; treasure hunts; road trips, late work sessions or any other activities which interfere with scholastic achievement of the associates.

Sexual Abuse:

The Fraternity will not tolerate nor condone any form of sexually abusive behavior on the part of its members, whether physical, mental or emotional. This is to include any actions that are demeaning to women including but not limited to date rape, gang rape or verbal harassment. Any such actions will be cause for expulsion of individual offenders and/or charter suspension.

Fire and Safety:

1. The Sigma Tau Gamma Fraternity hereby mandates that no chapter shall be housed in or use the services of a structure which does not meet minimum fire and safety requirements of the community. The chapter will be responsible to provide the National Office by November 15, of each year with a written statement from the local fire inspector proclaiming the chapter or its facilities are safe for habitation or regular use.

2. No firearms may be stored on fraternity property, unless secured in a locked case or with a locked trigger guard.

3. No animals (bird, reptile, mammal, or arthropod), except fish, shall be kept on fraternity property except when an individual owner provides for humane treatment and a valid license, where applicable, and a valid cerfiticate of insurance, naming the Fraternity as an additional insured in the minimum amount of $100,000.

Use of Fraternity Marks:

The name, coat-of-arms, eighteen link crest, eighteen link "A Chain of Honor" logo, badge, and associate member pin of Sigma Tau Gamma Fraternity, Inc., are service marks, registered with the United States Office of Trademarks and Patents, and are protected from unauthorized use by federal law.

1. The service marks shall be used, in a manner consistent with the Ideals and Principles of the Fraternity, to identify chapters, members and associate members, to promote membership recruitment and identify programs and activities.

2. The service marks shall not be used in any fashion such that it brings disrepute upon the good name of the Fraternity. Prohibited uses shall include, but are not limited to, any use which includes reference to or is related to: a) alcohol, b) drugs, c) degradation of women or men, d) degradation of any person regarding race, creed, or sexual orientation, e) sexual promiscuity, f) profane or offensive words, slogans or phrases.

3. Violation of the provisions of this resolution shall subject the offending party to the appropriate disciplinary action provided in the Laws of the Fraternity. In addition to the remedies described in the Laws, the tribunal of jurisdiction may impose a restriction on the use of the service marks, against the offending party.

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