Russell Lockhart's - 30 B-Day Bash at the House

Hello Eric. 
Russell here. I am emailing to say thanks for the use of the
house. I am in the process of getting the pictures back so you can put them
on the site. I have some coming from a digital camera and some I am going
to mail to you. I'll also send you the keys with the pictures. Look for
them soon.

To update, there was no problems from the party. Everything started at pm
or so. Some of the people there were Mark Eye, Melvin "Mellon" Jenkins,
Mike Bailey, Mike Reynolds, Jeff Bazzie, and to my surprise Flounder came in
all the way from Texas. Oh yeah, Don LaRue made an appearance, too. Some of
the brothers from the chapter showed up and brought some friends. I guess
we had about 50 or so people there altogether. Everyone was quite calm.
Like I said earlier there were no problems at the party. We cleaned up
everything before we left (Ronnie took pictures to prove it).

Some things that need addressed: There needs to be a new masthead for the
electric running into the house. The current connection is dangerously
close to the deck. Also, I couldn't find the switch to the flood light on
the deck. It was left on when I left but when I visited the house last
Sunday it had went out. I asked Brother Greenlief how he got it out but he
didn't know.

Anyway thanks again for the use of the house. It was the best birthday
party I've ever had.




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