Historic Photos

Clarence Pritchett, Kevin Smith, and Jim Marcum

Doc Bergstein and his wife

Need I say any more?

Rick Nester, Rick Johnson, and Mike Barbery

Doc Covey and Mary Covey at the Confederate Ball

Mark Ehmer

Paula Portera

Mark Clark & Rod

Smoker at Doc Bergstein's home with Jeff Hill, Mike Stennett , Gerry Legere and Eric Hillman

Left to right Don Larue, Jerry Waters, Bob Ferguson, Todd Smith, Amy Hudnall, Kevin Lindsay, Kevin Smith, Ritchie, Joe Fearon, Chris Hopkins, Jim Marcum, Mark Clark, all in front of Men's towers

Confederate Ball invitation developed by Joe Fearon

Donna Baker Nester and Rick Nester

Kevin Craft, Steve Knowles, & Don LaRue