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Homecoming 2002 - If you build it……...

Old friends and old memories. 

...and with these Brothers we really mean OLD!.
Ok, I promised this would be out early after Homecoming. So I’m a little late, kill me! 

2002 Homecoming again saw many new faces that we have not seen before and many that we had. This year was more special as it was our grand opening of the remodeled house and I think everyone enjoyed what they saw. Everyone was glad to see the Cox brothers back with us as well as Kevin Craft ‘84, Mark Eye 94, Kris Kostenko ‘92, Brian Vest ‘97,Bill Rendfrey ‘77, Ronald Parker ‘78, David Carrico ‘81, Michael Phillips ‘94, Gary Moody ‘82, Craig J. Miller ‘76, Tom Woodbury ‘71, Steve Knowles ‘84, Ken Ragle ‘85, Melvin Jenkins ‘95 and a slew of other brothers I know I forgot to mention. We had about 65 brothers attend this year.

One change was the after game Smoker on Saturday night. Everyone who came back after the game enjoyed being able to socialize a little longer. We didn’t have the usual Bonfire on Friday night since it was unseasonably warm for that time of the year, but trust me, it was smokin' on the deck. For those of you who were there Saturday morning you were treated to a show on the deck. You would have had to be there to know what I mean. 2003 is right around the corner, make plans.
This Ole House

In the last newsletter many things were unsure about the house. Like this alumni association I cannot believe how fast things have happened. Thanks to the help of Compton Construction in Princeton the whole interior of the house has been gutted and renovated to make one large meeting room and an Alumni Guest room. We were able to keep all the utilities and finally have two working bathrooms. The cost of the renovation was a little over $18,000 which we raised a little over $3,000 from supporting alumni. Hopefully I can raise a campaign to help support the rest of the bill. One thing left needed at the house is heat. It was one cost I was unable to incur this year. Looked like it would run about $3,000 to install a good working unit, so until we do, in the Winter months we have closed the house down. We do have space heaters and the Alumni Room has baseboard heat in an emergency. Thanks to Brother White (advisor) for making sure the house was closed before the real freeze came. 
House wish list - We want names and address’s first
Yard supplies: Heavy Duty Lawn Mower, Inside Heater
Household items: bed linens, towels, cooking utensils, cleaning supplies, Heater
Furniture: We need new furniture in the house. Oh did I mention a Heater!
Thank You !!!!!!!!! My email address is:

The website has become a meeting place for Alumni young and old. If you have not taken time to visit the site, please do so. You can rekindle old friendships very easily.


' Dues '

Reminds me of a song. War, what is it good for, absolutely nothing, say it again ya’ll. Well not in this case. For those of you who have not attending a homecoming, well then you're singing the above song. But if you have you know what we need dues for. This in itself is a business. I would love to be the sole supporter of the Alumni Association but to be honest, it’s not my responsibility. We all took an oath to financially support this Fraternity well past the undergrad years. So what does all this mean? Dues help send two representatives and the advisor to the National Chapter meeting every year. Allows us to do two mailings a year, pays for all the food and drink we consume at homecoming. Dues help offset the cost of maintenance at the house and finally helps support the chapter and brothers in need. We sent out many Funeral arrangements and not speaking for myself but the brothers who received them, it did make a lasting impression on them. So do we blow the money? Yeah, on Homecoming I guess you could say. But hopefully you enjoy reading and seeing pictures of brothers you’ve maybe not seen in a while. Dues, Pay’m
Letters from Brothers

Ron Ball ‘72
After reflecting back on the letter that Kenny Ragle wrote I thought I would take this opportunity to say a few words for the news letter. Kenny used the best word of it all and reflects back to my days as a Sig Tau and that one word has stuck with me ever since, " Brotherhood". I wouldn't trade my days going thru pledging and going active for anything in this world. I talk to brothers today and relive the memories from yesteryear like they were last week. I remember the 6 weeks of pledging, getting paddled by Charlie Hamer ‘68, getting dropped by my big brother, David Crawford ‘71, coming back and catching 9 actives after taking their National teachers exam and my getting to drop them. Getting the band drunk with homemade moonshine made right on the campus behind the marriage units, singing hot nuts for the band since they couldn't move during the White Rose formal. Delivering the invitations to the girls by horseback during the confederate ball. Damn those were the good ole days of the Sig Tau's. I was lucky enough to be asked to pledge and to do so with one of the largest pledge classes ever. Sig Tau was a big part of my college life and even when I went into the military I came back. I've been coming back during homecoming for as long as I can remember. I can only think of twice since my graduating in 1972 of not returning for homecoming. Sometimes I feel a little out of place, but there is always a welcome face and how do you do no matter who is at the house to welcome me. I want to thank Eric for keeping me informed and aware of what's going on and for keeping the spirit of "Brotherhood" alive and well. Hope to see everyone this year and especially the old timers like me.

Ron Ball ‘72

Tom Woodberry ‘70
It has been 30 years since I graduated from Concord and I still look back at all the great brothers I had as a Sig Tau and would never trade the experience for anything. There were many great times that bring back memories that seem like they took place only yesterday. I was not lucky enough to live near Concord so did not get back to homecoming until 1998. The chapter was not real strong but many alumni were there and nobody had changed except for a little less hair. We picked up where we left off 30 years ago. These friends and experiences are something I will have for life. I have been back every year but one since. It is the high point of each year for me.

We are all lucky to have someone who feels the same way and has the time to get involved to save the chapter and build a strong alumni association. Eric has given more than just his time to make sure that more Concord men get the same chance. We must make sure that there are more brothers to carry on what we were lucky enough to have experienced. There is only one way for this to happen. More of us to must get involved. Our lives today are so busy that sometimes we must take a moment and step back and think about what is important. My son was active in his fraternity and talks about it with me. We both agree that a chapter is only as strong as the alumni who help to carry on the tradition. As an active bother there is so much that comes with it, but there is more that is part of the whole picture and that is what the alumni are for. I personally feel proud to help with my time and a small $50 donation each year to make sure the tradition is carried on. I will be back at homecoming again because it makes my year to see the Sig Tau brothers both present and past.


Chapter Eternal

- Brothers entered into Chapter Eternal this year.

James F. Walker‘61 passed away June 11, 2002 Natural Causes

Tim Blevins Seaver ‘80- passed away 09/19/02
Letter from the Chapter President :

Matt Mclean Chapter President

I would like to thank each and every one of you for your support over this past year. As the year 2003 comes upon us, the brothers of the Alpha Lambda chapter are setting big goals. We plan to start work on our Greek Sing performance early, hoping to use our skills at music to win us another 1st place trophy.
Last year our brotherhood spent some time doing repairs on the alumni house, and we plan on continuing that as soon as the weather warms up. Also, we plan on raising money and books to donate to the Books For Kids philanthropy. 2003 is a year for us to grow as brothers, grow into the Men of Principle that all Sigma Tau Gammas become.

Remember the Chapter mailing address is:
Box C-17
Athens, WV 24712
Website News

If your still not aware we have a great website that is almost as informative as the National site and I think one of our best tools for keeping up with lost brothers and Lil Sisters. I urge you to go to the site, On the left column there is the link Alumni Registration. Click here to leave me your information.

"Welcome to the bulletin board
- First Time Users Read This-

This one statement has really scared a ton of you off. The website’s message board use to get a ton activity until I made a change for what I thought was for the better. Trust me, the new board is very easy to use. What a great way to stay in touch with others from your era than to just shoot them an email. The website also keeps you abreast of current happenings in and around the Fraternity. Take time to visit the site and tell me what you’d like to see added or taken away.

I know many of you enjoyed the Alumni Directory and for the past two months its been off-line. I have been assured that that option will be back on line soon. If anyone has older pictures you’d like to see posted under the memories section, convert and send them to me at my email address.


Current Alumni Members
Here is a list of current 2003 Alumni Members as of March 1, 2002 :

Charles Baker ‘57
Tom Woodbury ‘71
Ronald Ball ‘72
Raymond Parker ‘74
Craig Miller ‘76
Bill Rendfrey ‘77
Ken Ragle ‘78
Ron Parker ‘78
David Carrico ‘81
Gary Moody ‘82
Eric Hillman ‘83
Mike Stennett ‘83
Mark Willis ‘83
Kevin Craft ‘84
Steve Knowles ‘84
Rodney Keith Cox ‘90
David Brian Cox ‘92
Keith Gladon ‘92
Russell Lockhart ‘94
Michael Phillips ‘94
Mark Eye ‘94
Timothy Bostic ‘95
Michael Reynolds ‘95
Melvin Jenkins ‘96
Brian Vest ‘


Our Creed

By Edward H. McCune 
Founder and Past President

Our CREED I believe that the true spirit of Fraternalism is a personal devotion to one's ideals. It has its roots in definite, tangible things. It springs out of a love of God and worth of one's fellow man. It grows into qualities of mind and soul. It is not the attitude toward a few selected ends, but rather the abiding spirit in which all things are done, all difficulties met, all successes received, all obstacles overcome. "I believe that the true spirit of Fraternalism is a breath that breathes itself into the life and being of those who live it, becoming an unconscious part of them, ruling and molding their thoughts and acts. We may call it the right attitude towards life, towards the world, towards right and wrong, towards the beautiful and good, towards duty and faith in God. "I believe that the true spirit of Fraternalism is a thing that grows. It is first associated almost exclusively with a narrow circle of fellow students, but it broadens with a widening understanding until it takes in all the important relationships of life. It enters the domain of private life as thoroughly as in public life. It teaches the fulfillment of obligations to school, state and church. "I believe that Sigma Tau Gamma endeavors to bind men together in a fraternal brotherhood based upon these eternal and immutable truths, which are set forth in the Principles and in the Code of Conduct of our Fraternity. "In this belief, I will endeavor to make my college and my own chapter of Sigma Tau Gamma more honored and respected by all men, and will endeavor to conduct myself so that I will ever bring credit and honor to our Fraternity." By Edward H. McCune Founder and Past President