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The Sigma Tau Gamma Alpha Lambda Alumni Association is a social and professional forum established by and for Sigma Tau Gamma graduates of Concord University. Its purpose is to create an exchange of information, experiences and perspectives so that Sig Tau alumni may more fully realize their individual, personal and professional goals. Guided by an executive committee of alumni members, the network provides opportunities for members to develop contacts, mentors and friends among the growing number of Concord University graduates.

To become a member, please print and fill out the form below. Annual dues are only $50. That?s less that $4.15 a month. You can make two yearly payments of $25.50 if you would like. Your dues will go to help sustain the alumni association, the alumni house and homecoming. We need your support to keep the PRIDE alive. Any monies sent in over the dues amount is appreciated.

Name: ___________________________________ Year Graduated ___________
Address: _________________________________________________________
City: _________________________________State: _______ Zip: ____________ Big Brother : __________________________Birthdate : ____________________
Email Address: _________________________________________
Phone Number: _________________________________________
Amount enclosed: $__________

Please make checks payable to Sigma Tau Gamma Alumni Association and mail to Sigma Tau Gamma c/o Eric Hillman 11401-H Granite St. Charlotte, NC. 28273